We are your #1 partner in all things food. Our commitment to create the strongest partnerships with suppliers and customers alike is the biggest reason we are one of the most respected food companies in Canada. We offer our customers value across the board, may it be developing and marketing new and innovative products or importing, exporting and distributing high quality foods locally and internationally.

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We invest in the best technology to stay consistent in keeping our diverse range of products in stock, with accurate and on time delivery.


We have established our sales force across Canada to service independent and chain stores in order to place products within all retail segments.


We recognize the needs of an ever-changing market and are committed to utilizing the best marketing options available.

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We aim to have our Customer’s always 100% satisfied. Customer satisfaction is most important to us, our flexible approach makes us different

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The Nutro Gusto range is synonymous with healthy and wholesome. Nutro Gusto products are perfect for anywhere and everywhere.
With products ranging from fruity lollipops to chocolate covered marshmallows, the Ogusto range is designed to put the fun & flavor back in sweets.
Nostra Gourmet is the perfect go-to meal for events, family dinners, or for a homemade taste any night of the week. By using only fresh ingredients, prepared by hand.
Canachef, is your solution at the end of a busy day. No time to prepare dinner? We've got everything covered with our growing range of Halal Heat 'n' Eat meals
Europicks is our growing range range of pantry essentials: completely raw and naturally preserved.It is a household favorite due to high quality European Ingredients
PastaCo. has been producing fresh and frozen pastas, sauces and prepared entrees since 1986.Known for using only fresh, all natural ingredients.
Regarded as a symbol of chocolate and refined taste, it is the oldest Poland’s chocolate brand. Its taste exceptionally blends tradition with modern touch.
The crisp taste of Mokate is present in their aromatic coffees and convenient to go breakfast. Experience the full range of taste and the rich diversity of flavors
Łowicz is a family of fruit and vegetable products that upholds a reputation for combining tradition with an openness to new challenges and flavors.
BIOFIX herbal teas offer the natural way to help us take care of our health and well being. All Ingredients come from organic plantations located in the cleanest regions of Poland.
Sante is one of the leading manufacturers of functional foods. Their mission is to promote healthy lifestyle by educating consumers and providing them with health conscious,
Crispico snacks continue to be a leader within our Specialty snacking category. With consumer trends moving towards more specialized items and flavors

Premier Polmarex: Your Trusted Food & Beverage Distributor in Toronto, ON

Welcome to Premier Polmarex, your #1 partner for all your food-related needs. As a highly respected food company in Canada, we are dedicated to forging strong partnerships with both suppliers and customers, ensuring unparalleled value across the board. Whether you’re seeking new and innovative products or require top-notch food importing, exporting, and distribution services, we’ve got you covered. As a leading food distributor in Toronto, ON, we take pride in offering seamless B2B online delivery services, making it convenient for businesses to access the finest food and beverage products. Our extensive range includes healthy food and beverage options, as we are committed to promoting well-being among our clientele. Additionally, we are a premier international product wholesaler, sourcing top-quality items from across the globe to meet your diverse culinary preferences. If you’re on the lookout for European products, look no further – we are your trusted European product supplier. Furthermore, we take pride in being a reputable Halal food supplier and distributor in Toronto, ON, offering a wide array of Halal-certified options to cater to our diverse community. As a leading Asian food distributor, we bring you the finest flavors and delicacies from the Far East. With our efficient food and beverage distribution online delivery system, you can easily access our premium European grocery items throughout Canada. Trust Premier Polmarex for all your food and beverage needs, and experience unmatched excellence in product quality, service, and customer satisfaction.
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